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Our Vision

At Arnhall Nursery we strive to create a warm, happy atmosphere where learning is fun; where we provide a good balance of learning experiences that allow children to become effective contributors in their own learning.

Our Values

Respect - we respect children, parents and each other as individuals.
Equality - we ensure everyone is treated as an equal.
Success - we ensure everyone is a successful learner.
ResPonsible - all our children will become responsible citizens.
TEamwork - our staff work as a team to provide the best possible care for all our children and their families.
Creativity - we provide a varied range of resources and activities to enhance all children's creativity.
Trust / honesty - we build trustworthy and honest relationships with all our families and outside agencies.

Our Aims

To give every child the best possible start in life by:

  • Providing high quality care to the children and their families.
  • To provide a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment designed to meet each child’s individual needs in line with UNCRC and GIRFEC documents.
  • To follow the ECO code designed by our stakeholders and continually works to improve our carbon footprint.
  • To ensure all service users understand the importance of play in the development of the child and ensure we support all forms of play throughout the service.
  • To provide children with opportunities within their day for rest and play and to ensure continuity of care from home to nursery and between settings.
  • To encourage children to form good relationships with their peers and adults, and foster good relationships with parents and other agencies.
  • Respecting each child as an individual and ensuring the child’s choice is paramount.
  • Supporting parents and carers in their role as educator and value their contribution.
  • Ensuring that all members of staff have opportunities for continuing professional development.
  • Sharing our natural environment with all children.